Important subheadings not read aloud

Lucinda Evans
Lucinda Evans

I can understand subheadings like 'introduction' or 'results' not being read aloud (although I would personally prefer if they were read), but some papers, eg "Herbst et al. 2022, 3D profiling of mouse epiphyses across ages reveals new potential imaging biomarkers of early spontaneous osteoarthritis" (open access) contain Results section subheadings that actually summarise the important results. When these are skipped the text makes significantly less sense.

Same paper, additional bugs - sometimes the voice skips around, reading partial figure legends when it's in the middle of a paragraph. Also, half an entire page is skipped in the discussion (pages 1047-1048) between "Cox et al. (2012) found that..." (on pg 1047) and "Investigating MSV changes with other parameters may indeed..." (on pg 1048).