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Read-along for the TTS 3

In Progress

Mark the word that is read aloud so it's easy to follow the text.


Ommit reference numbers superscripts 2


To not read aloud the superscript numbers.


Read offline 1


We occasionally have to travel for work and come across areas with poor network coverage. A feature that allows you to read a paper offline, or at the very least save the audio and paper sections for later use, would be extremely useful.


Select Read-along voice 0

Allow users to choose between different read-along voices (i.e. English accent, woman's voice). Some listeners may find the American accent hard to understand at times.


Export Highlights 1

Under Review

Make it possible to export the highlighted excerpts & citations for further use in the development of citable notes and literature review tables.


Handling of footnotes, headers, and footers 0

In the papers I have tested in Audemic so far, all of them have had some degree of difficulty correctly parsing footnotes and recurring page headers and footers (e.g. Journal title, date, publishing info). This text should be ignored in the transcripts, but is often included. Behavior is inconsistent document to document. I...


Option to correct word pronunciation 1

In the Voice Dream Reader app, you can select a mispronounced word, type in the correct pronunciation, hit a play button to check how what you typed is pronounced by the reader, and then save that pronunciation. This would be a useful feature in Audemic.


Recognise special characters 0

Greek letters are not recognized by Audemic NLP, so they are not read aloud. It’s important to have these read aloud because they are often part of terminology in scientific papers.


More options for colour palette 0

Specifically white background + black text


Add support for reading mathematical formulas. 0

It is good that Audemic skips Mathematical Formulae instead of just saying the characters, but It is missing important information. It would be great to add support for reading mathematical formulas.


Either read them or at least skip computation/formulation 0

Specifically for for computer science research papers.


Integration ReadCube 0

Upload papers to Audemic from ReadCube


Upload papers from Google Drive 0

Integration to upload papers from Google Drive to Audemic.


Set a specific speed as default for all papers 0

When you change the speed in a specific paper and then you play another different paper, it resets the speed to normal again. The idea with this will be to set a speed as default for all your papers.


More OA Papers 0

Increase number of OA papers available on platform


Replace abbreviations with the original. 0

Replace abbreviations with the original, such as instead of HPC says High-Performance Computing. Assuming the original text and abbreviation defined in the paper.


Make it so we can upload more than one file at a time and longer ones 0

I have an entire folder with papers that I need uploaded, and by not being able to upload it all at once, it gets very tedious and makes my premium subscription not worth it... Also I have very long papers (>30 pages) and thesis papers (>100 pages) I need read but can't upload it.


Settings for automatic order of reading 0

It would be nice to have some settings for automatic order of reading. For instance, I typically skip abstract, read intro, skim methods, skim results then read discussion. I recognize that skimming isn’t a option but perhaps a customizable auto priority reading order where i could set it to naturally go straight into the in...


Generate receipt/invoice of payment 0

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