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Few errors, has greatly improved my comprehension

Jaq Honey
Jaq Honey

I've submitted a bug report and a feature request but I also would like to leave some positive feedback & let y'all know how much I appreciate Audemic and how much it has improved my experience at work and school. I have a hard time focusing for any substantial length of time on a research paper or textbook chapter when I'm reading it on paper - I used to read them aloud to myself, which helped with comprehension but was super weird with roommates and on public transportation. Now I can listen with headphones from anywhere and follow along on the pdf, which helps me stay focused and understand it more thoroughly. Thank you Audemic team for your work on this tool that has become an irreplacable part of my education and career!!

Audemic team

Hi Jaq Honey! Thank you for the report, feature request, and positive feedback! We are simply elated to hear how much Audemic has helped you. Ever since its conception, the goal has been for Audemic to serve as a tool that will assist people in ways that can really make an impact on their lives. So, needless to say, we are thrilled that you have had such a positive experience and we are so grateful that you took the time to share that with us. πŸ’—

Stay tuned for improvements and new features! We’re hard at work every day to make improvements that will benefit our users.